Nan van Houte's farewell / Ása Richardsdóttir's arrival word

Time has come
After having been in this position for six years I am happy to hand over my responsibility for the care of this wonderful network to Ása Richardsdóttir.
I feel blessed to leave the Secretariat and its team with the conviction that IETM is in a healthy condition, suited to support the sector’s response to today’s challenges and to continue advocating the unique power of contemporary performing arts.
And, not in the least, to have such a qualified successor to take IETM to a next level.

I will embrace my freedom, miss you all, but also look forward to new contexts in which our paths may cross again,

With warm regards,

New arrival
It is an honor to be chosen to take over the leadership of IETM after the fabulous work of Nan van Houte and the IETM office team during the last six years.
IETM has grown and deepened during these years, new activities seen light and thrived - yet - always with a strong focus on IETM’s core purpose: its emphasis on the contemporary, the value of the “here and now” magic of the performing arts and the unique sense of empowerment a meeting within our network can have on the individual.

Nineteen years ago, when I came to my first meeting in Prague, I had such an empowering moment, something that I will always be grateful for and that has in one way or the other led me to where I am today.

One of my top priorities in the coming months is to get to know you better, IETM members. I urge you to be in touch and share with me your ideas, thoughts and concerns. I hope to see many of you in Hull and at other upcoming meetings, and I will use every opportunity to visit you, in my upcoming travels. Until we can meet, remember, we at the Secretariat are only an email or a phone call away! You can also drop your messages on our forum

Ást og blíða!