2021 General Assembly: Votes are now open

Dear members,

I hope you and your colleagues are well.

We recently announced that, due to Belgian law, we are obliged to hold our 2021 General Assembly via written procedure, before 30 June 2021. Many members remember the procedure from last year.  

The votes for the 2021 IETM General Assembly by written procedure are now open. Please read carefully this one-page letter (French version on page 3) from Cathie Boyd, President of IETM, explaining what is being voted up on.  


Please find below all the documentation:

1)  Minutes of GA 2020 - AG.201 

2)  Annual report 2020 - AG.202

3)  Activity Plan 2021 - AG.203 

4)  Financial account for 2020 - AG.204 (Note: Summary in English, actual account in French, translation in English)

5)  Financial Plan for 2021 - AG.205

6)  Proposition of Governance Structure and Organisation document - AG.206 (French translation at the bottom)

7) Pending the approval of Annex AG. 206.  Proposition by Board of Directors of extended mandate of one advisor for one year - AG.207

8) Voting template form - AG.208

Important practicalities

  • The voting form shall be filled, signed and sent back to us by email at [email protected] before 23:59 CEST on 24 June 2020 with the subject line: VOTE FOR GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2021.
  • According to the Belgian law, the voting form shall be filled out and signed in French. To help you fill out the French voting form, you will find an English translation of the text in the second part of the document, on page 4-6. Please make sure to only fill out the French voting form as filling out the English form will make your vote void.
  • Please note that only members that will have paid their 2021 membership by 24 June 2021 are allowed to vote. IETM Guest members 2021-22 are also allowed to vote. If you still have not renewed your membership and wish to take part in the voting process, please fill out the 2021 membership renewal form.

We remain at your disposal together with the Board of Directors at [email protected] for any question you may have.

Info session

We will host an info session on the content of the General Assembly in presence of IETM Board Members on 9 June at 11:00 CEST. 

Please register through the button below:

Register now

For those who cannot attend the session, we offer two further options:

  1. An additional Q&A session with the IETM Secretariat at 16.00 CEST on 9 June, please register here.
  2. Send any question you might have to [email protected] before 20 June. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Warm regards,

Ása Richardsdóttir
IETM Secretary General