New toolkit: To sell or not to sell?

IETM, International network for contemporary performing arts, released the toolkit "To sell or not to sell?" that aims to introduce and clarify some key concepts around the topic of business model innovation for cultural managers and other arts professionals interested in increasing the resilience of their organisations.

Artistic and cultural organisations – especially those working as non-profit organisations - are experiencing increasing pressure to become more business-minded and to achieve economic sustainability. While "business models" and related terms generate mixed feelings among many professionals in the artistic field, the reality of budget cuts and funders’ demands drives arts and cultural organisations to increase attention on their financial performance and to balance the generation of value with their mission if they want to continue existing.

"To Sell or Not To Sell?" proposes a business model canvas tailored to the specific characteristics of arts and cultural organisations and illustrates how some cultural organisations across Europe have successfully innovated their business models. The toolkit takes a practical approach, combining short texts and various other types of content, such as illustrations, videos, quotes, checklists, practical advice and more.

"To sell or not to sell?’"is written by José Luis Rodriguez, Director of Communications at Trans Europe Halles (TEH).