IETM Valencia: Crossroads

IETM Plenary Meeting
3 – 6 November
Poblats Marítims (Cabanyal), Valencia, Spain

More than 500 performing arts professionals will gather at IETM Meeting in Valencia, to engage in a collective reflection on the crucial topics affecting the sector today and to build closer relations with international partners.

A range of working sessions will shed light on some of the most vital issues for the performing arts professionals: diversity and inclusion, self-assessment models, gentrification, cultural mediation, art and ecology, gender equality in the cultural sector, freedom of expression, arts and TTIP, art education, and disability on stage, among others.

The evening artistic programme will be a snapshot of the brightest highlights of the Spanish contemporary performing arts scene.

The meeting is organised in partnership with Teatro de lo Inestable and Red de Teatros Alternativos.
Valencia hosts the second IETM plenary meeting of the year. The network gathered in Amsterdam in April 2016 to reflect on how digital technology affects the performing arts form. For this time, the focus is turning towards the multiple crossroads faced by the cultural sector in today's context: self-sustainability vs advocating for more public money, business orientation vs artistic integrity, growth-oriented marketing strategies vs developing authentic relationship with audiences and more.  

IETM Valencia programme is built around four routes to help participants pave their journey through the topics that matter to them. The four routes are Local context, Common ground, Sustainability and Art’s condition. 

The meeting will give space for presenting ongoing art projects and initiatives, thus facilitating networking and the emergence of cross-border partnerships. 
Speakers and moderators: Jordi Balta, Spain (Agenda 21 for Culture), Yvonne Gimpel, Austria (UNESCO), Jon Price, UK (Robert Gordon University), Daphné Tepper, Belgium (Creative Skills Europe), Hanane Hajj Ali, Lebanon (Cultural Resource), Alison Tickell, UK (Julie's Bicycle), and many more.

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