IETM Hull: Everyone and Anyone 

IETM Spring Plenary Meeting
28 -31 March 2019
Hull, UK 

Between 28 and 31 March 2019, more than 500 performing arts professionals from all over the world will gather at IETM Plenary Meeting in Hull, organised in collaboration with Absolutely Cultured, Arts Council England and British Council, to engage in a collective reflection on the most relevant matters for the performing arts sector and the society at large. This year‘s IETM Spring Plenary Meeting will focus on the theme Everyone and Anyone, providing a space for exploring the reality of inclusion in today’s societies, in their artistic representations and in the process of creation.

Each day will focus on a different aspect of the main theme: strategies to diversifying organisation's staff and ways, various approaches to cultural democracy, ways to support everyday creativity without undermining artistic work as a profession, language as a discrimination tool, funders' role in helping artistic organisations to be more inclusive, and more.  In addition, the meeting programme will shed light on some of the most vital issues affecting the performing arts professionals today: international collaboration in the field of production, environmental sustainability,  art in rural areas, among others.

The programme will offer more than 30 sessions: keynote speeches, panel discussions, roundtable debates, interactive working groups, practical trainings, networking and mentoring sessions.

The meeting will provide participants with a space to present their future projects and on-going initiatives, thus facilitating networking and the emergence of cross-border partnerships. The artistic part of the meeting, curated by the local organisers, will illustrate the richness of the local, regional and national contemporary performing arts scene. 

Everyone and Anyone

IETM Hull will examine issues around race, ethnicity, faith, disability, age, gender, sexuality, class and economic disadvantage and any social and institutional barriers that  prevent people from participating in and enjoying the arts as an integral part of the societies they live in. We will ask the question: is involving everyone something we want to deliver in theory but something we find hard to deliver in practice?  We will debate the language used and whether terms like “inclusion” are more problematic than helpful. One size does not fit all, so who do you choose to include? How do you deliver this practically in your work?

For the arts to survive and thrive, we need to have spaces and places to have positive discussions and debates about these issues. We need to have time to talk about our approaches to ensuring our work is for everyone. Alongside this we need to keep talking about how we make and keep international partnerships and collaborations going, especially when things are constantly changing politically. It is not an accident that IETM Hull begins on the eve of the very day that the UK leaves the European Union.   

Speakers include

Sade Brown, Sour Lemons, UK

Jess Thom, Touretteshero, UK

Clara Giraud, Unlimited, UK

Tarik Elmoutawakil, Marlborough Theatre, UK

Teja Reba, City of Women, SIovenia

Luis Calderón, CSA La Tabacalera de Lavapiès, Spain

Tim Laning, Grendel Games, the Netherlands

Jeremy Smith, Arts Council Australia, Australia

Riccardo Olivier, Fattoria Vittadini, Italy

Ahmed Abu-Laban, Executive CRO - Ramallah Municipality, Palestine

Anupama Sekhar, ASEF, Singapore

More information:

Media contact:
Elena Polivtseva: [email protected], +32 2 201 09 15

IETM is a membership organisation, which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment. It aims at proving the value of the performing arts in the society by initiating and facilitating professional networking and communication, the dynamic exchange of information, know-how transfer and presentations of examples of good practice. IETM counts more than 450 members – organisations actively engaged in contemporary performing arts and international collaboration from over 50 countries. 

Absolutely Cultured 
Built on the foundations of the company that delivered Hull’s year as UK City of Culture 2017, Absolutely Cultured continues to play a leading role in Hull’s future. The company has a mission to create ambitious, surprising, and compelling artistic work that brings people together and connects communities.  As a commissioner of world-class programming aimed at residents and visitors, Absolutely Cultured works strategically with partners both inside the city and across the North, UK and internationally to cement Hull's reputation as a centre for culture and creativity.  Alongside the commissioned work, the company also programmes and runs Humber Street Gallery, now a firm fixture in the ever-evolving Fruit Market area and is also developing the award-winning City of Culture Volunteer Programme, continuing the opportunity to put people at the forefront of the city's iconic voice.  Absolutely Cultured is an independent organisation with charitable status continuing the work of Hull 2017 Limited. Absolutely Cultured is funded by a range of partners including public bodies, National Lottery distributors and local and national businesses. Key contributions are from Hull City Council and Arts Council England; Spirt of 2012 and Nesta support helps deliver the volunteer programme; and Wykeland and Rollits are the company’s corporate partners.

Arts Council England
Arts Council England is the national development body for arts and culture across England, working to enrich people’s lives. Between 2018 and 2022, they will invest £1.45 billion of public money from government and an estimated £860 million from the National Lottery to support a range of activities across the arts, museums and libraries and they have provided multimillion pound support to arts and culture in Hull. This has ranged from investment in Hull 2017 and Absolutely Cultured to deliver programmes such as the Hull Independent Producer Initiative and the Humber Street Gallery. In addition to this Arts Council England support the theatre sector in Hull via the National Portfolio Organisation investment in Middle Child and Hull Truck Theatre. The delivery of the IETM plenary is supported by a National Lottery Project Grant.

British Council
Arts is a cornerstone of the British Council’s mission to create a friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the wider world. In 2017, the British Council was the International Partner for Hull’s UK City of Culture celebrations. We supported a range of programmes from spoken word to public art, virtual reality to singing in schools. In doing so we helped to create a range of new connections and ideas through arts, culture and education. The IETM plenary continues this partnership, providing a platform for the UK’s leading dance and theatre talent to collaborate and mutually learn from leading creatives from across Europe and beyond.