New IETM Publication: Everyday Innovators, Innovative Work Practices in the Cultural Sector

Everyday Innovators is a free downloadable publication commissioned by IETM and researched by La Belle Ouvrage, in order to bring up practical examples of innovative work organisation practices in the cultural sector in Europe. This publication is based on hands-on case studies. It aims at providing cultural professionals with new elements of reflexion and action to consider, and perhaps positively shift, their work habits.

In 2010, IETM conceived a new three-year plan for the period 2011-2013. It was built on IETM members’ input, comments and reports during IETM meetings, reflections with the IETM Board and after undertaking some ‘future-vision’ exercises.

IETM therefore planned a series of small publications aiming to reverse our lens and look at our arts practices through the mentality of social, or political or economic experts rather than via the arts as we normally do.

‘Work’ is a logical place to start, especially in view of the dominant discourses that place financial profit (or indeed ‘austerity’) above the well-being of workers. When money is tight, can our sector’s creativity show good working practices linking efficiency with solidarity? How do the often-cited values of the arts such as intellectual curiosity, teamwork, generosity... translate in the workplace? Our arts projects aim to inspire the public to reflect on life; do our work practices do the same for the people with whom we work everyday? How does the older generation exchange knowledge with a younger one, while protecting the value of both?

This is an inspiring account of how our sector can benefit from its human resources in thoughtful and creative ways.