IETM Board of Directors

is delegated by the General Assembly to make financial and management decisions but major aspects (e.g. approving audited accounts/electing the Board, etc.) are presented at the General Assemblies of the membership.

Willie White / Dublin Theatre Festival, Ireland (IETM President)
Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland / Black Box Teater, Norway
Cathie Boyd / Cryptic, United Kingdom 
Denis Van Laeken / Kultuurfaktorij Monty, Belgium
Geoliane Arab / Jens Bjerregaard /Aurora Borealis, Moussem, Denmark/Belgium
Natasa Zavolovsek / Exodos, Slovenia 
Toni Gonzalez / Escena Internacional Bcn, Spain 

IETM Advisory Committee

operates as a think-tank to discuss the direction of the network regarding middle and long-term strategy, and to maintain close relations with the membership.

Alexander Weinstein / Platform Skohorod and drama center Light People, Russia
Barbara Poček / Gledališče Glej, Slovenia
James Tyson / Intangible Studio, UK
Kelly Diapouli / busart, Greece 
Lian Bell / Independent, Ireland
Linda DiPietro / Indisciplinarte, Italy
Nicolas Bertrand / Image Aïgue Compagnie, France
Pippa Bailey / Performing Lines, Australia
Vahid Evazzadeh / The Counter Institiute, Denmark
Vesselin Dimov / ACT, Bulgaria

+ The 7 members of the Board of Directors