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Next stop: Athens!

Being one of the biggest victims of the current financial crisis, Greece has been mostly visible through the collapse of its economic and social systems, even though the reality is more complex than what is presented in the media. The cultural sector, and the contemporary performing arts in particular, have been badly hit, and beside rare exceptions, are surviving on pure enthusiasm and commitment. Even so, the arts sector is very much alive in the multiplicity of initiatives, in the exciting new art projects, in a new generation of artists and arts managers that are curious and open.

Solidarity and collaboration is IETM’s very raison d’être. It is logical that we go where we are most needed: in places where international collaboration is becoming rare and where international connections can bring new energy and new hope. The Athens meeting aims to bring support to our Greek colleagues and create opportunities for collaboration. IETM Athens offers discussions, artistic discoveries and collaborative opportunities as an alternative to the prevailing atmosphere of economic problems and consequent shifts in values and policies.

The content programme will present a variety of European/international experiences but will also reflect the reality of the scene in Greece. Our limited budget will permit us to make good use of the movers and shakers in the network and in Greece!

In the artistic programme you will discover the Greek performing arts and learn more about this lively arts scene.

The Athens meeting is organised as a joint initiative of a number of organisations and individuals - mostly from the independent sector. It will be organised in collaboration with Busart and in partnership with the Municipal Arts Centre Technopolis, Bios arts Centre, Dance Cultural Centre, Duncan Dance Centre and Vyrsodepseio art space.


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